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Hire a Lifeguard with over 30 years experience

Lifeguarding for Private Parties

Karl is also available for Lifeguarding at your pool party. Karl has worked as an Assistant Pool director, head Swim Team coach and has over 30 years working around the pool. He prefers to speak with younger party-goers before anyone heads into the pool to create a fun, yet safety conscious environment. He is friendly but also very serious about safety.

Lifeguard for Film & Television Sets

Karl is also available for Lifeguarding on Film sets and locations. In addition to 30 years as a Lifeguard, Karl has over 30 years of experience as an actor. He has experience both around the water and on a film set. You may have seen Karl in the recent Coppertone commercial.  

LifeGuarding Rates:

$50 per hour. 3 hour minimum.

plus $1 per mile travel from my Santa Clarita Base 91350

Special rates are available for Student film projects.

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