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We Come To You!

Serving Santa Clarita, Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley

Hi, Karl Steudel here.

I am a Red Cross Certified Swimming Instructor, with over 30 years experience

available for private or small group Swim lessons at your home pool, in the Hollywood and Burbank areas.

I love swimming and am known for being a very supportive teacher, able to identify the student's particular needs.

For beginners, I take pride in having swimmer feel safe, and comfortable.

For advanced swimmers, I am continuously researching the latest techniques in competitive swimming. Do you want to improve your start, touch, turns and stroke skills? Let's shave off a second from your time.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have, and seeing you in the water. 

Lessons are available for: ages: 4-adult. Levels: beginner to advanced.

Hire an Experienced Instructor the First time

I hear it all the time -- "I took a few lessons from some other instructors, some highschool, and college age, but I didn't seem to make much progress." Why should you choose Karl Steudel as your private Swim Instructor? Let's Compare:

The Usual

Highschool and college age Swimmers at their summer Job. 

Or - The Exceptional

A dedicated, experienced instructor with 30 years experience, studying the craft, and dedicating his life to improving the methods of teaching. Receiving rave reviews, testimonials and referrals, teaching year round, from beginners, to the dedicated Tri-Athletes.

The Usual

Are you lured in by big name swim schools, with a catchy website, high rates, and long terma greements? Just to find out you don't know which instructor you will be assigned to, for a cookie cutter instruction plan? - or...

Or - The Exceptional

One Great Instructor - Your instructor, who offers undivided attention to your exact pacing and needs. Someone who listens and designs a lesson plan that matches your unique challenges and inspires you with fun, motivating techniques. From the first lesson, we will find  with clarity what you need to do to improve, and understand HOW to improve with simple, easy to understand exercises. Your progress measurable, Ultimately, you will need to take fewer lessons, saving you money and time to achieve your personal swimming goals.


Adult over 65

Having never learned to swim as a child, it was easy to avoid pools as an adult. For someone over 60, learning to swim seemed intimidating. Sometimes you can teach old dogs new tricks and Karl was an absolutely excellent instructor who was able to adjust to my needs and make me feel comfortable in the water. His patience and teaching style made learning easy for this difficult student and gave me the confidence I needed to finally use my home pool on my own.   -  Marvin, Encino

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